What Is On Your Name Tag?

I get to wear a lot of name tags. Every time I speak at a conference, I get another one and that is a good thing; because as I get older, it is helpful to have a reminder of who I am. On these name tags is also written my title, which I have provided for the conference leaders. This is usually either “Speaker” or “Owner of For the Good Times Programs”. However; sometimes the meeting planners have labeled me in different ways. For instance, one group decided that since I was speaking about the healing power of humor, I should be billed as a Humor Therapist, but something went wrong in the spacing and when I picked up my tag, I was surprised to read “Linda Henley-Smith, Humor The rapist.” Hmmm. Another time, I was one of three women speakers who were to present on consecutive evenings. We were the only women at this conference and were known as “The Ladies.” On my appointed speaking night, my name tag designated me as “Lady of the Evening.”

So, that started me thinking about name tags and how, if we wrote our own, we would define ourselves. In one of my seminars, I gave each of the participants blank tags and asked them to write their names and a word or phrase which they felt would describe them. Some used words like Optimistic, Happy, Hopeful and Friendly. Then there were those who wrote Depressed, Angry, Fearful or other words with negative connotations. One woman sadly had printed the word LUPUS under her name. When she introduced herself, we learned that she had the disease well under control and her prognosis was excellent. Yet, she had allowed herself to let lupus override any other words that she might use to describe who she was.

It is dangerous to let fear or past failures or even an illness to dominate the other parts of us! I can be a person who is going through a tough time without thinking of myself as a tough time with a person attached!
Maybe we should all put on new name tags every morning, and label them with a word expressing an attitude that we want to have that day. Then, we might be more likely to try to live up to that description. Perhaps that is why I have a license plate which reads DIVA. Of course, that stands for Delighting In Victorious Attitude. Yeah…that’s what it means.

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Introducing a New “But”-Kickin’ Opportunity!


  • Are you stuck? Ready to move forward in your life or career, yet weighed down by your big “buts?” (Excuses)
  • Have you taken the road less traveled and now wonder where the heck you are?
  • Are you out of balance, frustrated and ready to make a change?
  • Are you reeling from a major life change or emotional trauma?
  • Do you want to step away from self-defeating behavior and negative self-talk?
  • Do you need to focus, define and map out your personal and professional goals?
  • Does this statement apply to you: “ I am strong. I am invincible. I am pooped!” ?
  • Are you trying to decide what to do when you grow up…now that you’re 30 or 40 or 50 or 60?
  • Do you have an aspect of your life which needs readjusting, recreating, rethinking or reenergizing?


What if you could get down to the basics of living a more balanced, joyful and productive life in which YOU make the decisions about your priorities? What would it be worth to you to move past your blocks and shake off negative energy? Would it be worth $50 per month?  That is about the same price as some Starbucks Lattes or a few movie tickets…and the results are far more long-lasting!   I am offering an opportunity to 50 people who want to take their personal and professional performance to a higher level.  This will be a six-month interactive program which will require no time-consuming commitment but will provide information, support, and strategies to help you move past barriers and push toward a more joyful and productive life! And there will be plenty of fun stuff, as well, because laughter doesn’t make everything better for you, but it sure makes you better for everything! 

I call this the “But”-Kickin’ Series because it is designed to show you how to kick those “buts” (excuses) that may be preventing you from getting where you want to be.  Those excuses are chains that are binding you and we’ll show you how to bite through those chains!


For only $50 per month or $280 for six months pre-paid, you will be given access to a private Face Book page, which is only accessible to this group of no more than 50 people.  This will be our online venue for interactive coaching and idea sharing.  And you will receive a “But”-Kickin’ Attitude Adjustment Manual & Workbook to boot! That alone, is a $20 value! But that’s not all! Here is how it will work: 

Beginning on January 6th and continuing through June, every week, on that FB page, I will be providing you with valuable information in the form of articles in which I will cover pertinent “but”-kickin’ topics such as:


  • How to break through your barriers and get rid of your “buts”
  • How to deal with negative people and situations
  • Finding the prize inside…your inner gifts and talents
  • Losing your warts (worries, anger, resentment, troubles, stress)
  • Goal setting and life mapping
  • Becoming a more effective leader
  • Polishing your professional image
  • Coping with anxiety
  • How to train your brain for peace and success
  • Healing your life
  • Finding your authentic self
  • How to manage your time and your stress levels
  • How to find joy from within rather than to wait for outside validation
  • Putting more fun into your life
  • Getting over and starting over
  • Healing and moving on after major life trauma or change
  • Nurturing your emotional intelligence
  • Getting unstuck and maintaining life balance
  • How to keep yourself motivated
  • How to communicate more effectively   
  • Setting goals and mapping your future



Every week will offer five new opportunities to start the New Year “BUT”less and with a New Attitude of Altitude!

Monday: There will be an article by your “But”-Kickin’ Diva (me) packed with valuable tips and information on the topic of the week.

Tuesday: You will receive another article on a related topic, written by a guest contributor; who is an expert in that field.

Wednesday:  You can, at your convenience, watch a video presentation which will offer insights and tips designed to provide immediate results in your journey to higher personal and professional success.

Thursday: The focus will be on a product, website, book or another source of resource information for you to access.

Friday:  We will meet for either a telephone or virtual discussion group, focusing on the topic of the week. This will be a valuable opportunity to brainstorm with others; sharing and encouraging each other in our goals.  It will be like being in a giant think tank!






(All calls will be recorded for later listening, as well)




linda@lindahenley-smith.com or call me at 800-325-2844

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Are You a Caterpillar Running Around the Rim of a Jar?

We live in a busy world. We hurry, hurry, hurry to do things and sometimes, we work ourselves into a state of frenzy and weariness, only to find that we have not really accomplished anything!  Most of us realize that the more we work, the more we will achieve; but the problem lies in our inability to recognize the difference between being productive and just being busy.

I once read of a scientist who placed a caterpillar on the rim of a jar and watched as it ran around and around the rim until it finally dropped into the jar out of sheer exhaustion.  I cannot imagine why this person decided that this would be a good experiment, and I feel that the poor caterpillar got the short end of the stick in that deal. But the message is clear: running around in circles is pointless and it accomplishes nothing but exhaustion.

We are a culture which promotes the idea that to appear successful; a person must work extended hours, take on too many obligations, deprive him or herself of rest and relaxation, burn the candle at both ends, and above all, live in perpetual stress.  We are not machines and we certainly don’t want to become like the caterpillar that fell into the jar. 

Sometimes, I think I wear my stress like a badge of courage; as if endangering my health and sanity is a thing worthy of praise. Ding dong…that is wrong.  I don’t think I am alone in this, either.  It’s as if we feel embarrassed or guilty if we stop and recuperate every now and again.  Just listen to a group of people coming out of an office or gathered in an airport. You will hear a “stress-a-thon” competition; everyone claims to be more stressed than all of the others.  The problem with this is that if you work yourself to death, just to prove that you are strong and capable of juggling too many obligations, everyone else will say, “She should have taken better care of herself!” It is a losing situation!

Remember that there is a time for work and a time for rest; just as there is a time for salad and a time for a big chocolate sundae with whipped cream and nuts.  But that is another topic for another time.

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Many of us are walking through fear-storms. When the world seems to turn upside down, some of the anchors on which we have relied seem to disappear and fear seems to rule the day. These days, it seems as if fear is at epidemic proportions. You might say that we are living in a polluted “atmosfear.”

People are afraid of any number of things….the dark, being alone, snakes, spiders, heights, water, flying, politicians, giant meatballs. I am afraid of wearing a swimsuit, but that’s just me.  Many people are afraid of dying, but sadder still…many are afraid of living.

Fear can be confusing. Sometimes we tend to feel that if we hold on to our fears, we are protecting ourselves by being vigilant. Ding dong, that’s wrong. It is wrong on many levels.  For one thing, there is a difference between being cautious and being scared stiff! Being zapped by the “fangs of fear” is like being stung by a scorpion. It can fill you with poison and immobilize you.

So what are we to do when things seem to be spinning out of control? Fear begins with a thought. It starts as a worry or a doubt and grows into a full-blown fear….of losing something that we love or of not getting what we want or think we need.  Fear is a bully and it thrives on our belief in it.  When we look at it for what it really is, a trickster who wants to cloud the truth and dominate us, we can begin to recognize that we have options.  There is really no reason to live in the grip of fear because to do so, strangles hope and prevents us from living in peace.   But it is difficult to toss fear out on its ear because it is sneaky! It appears in the form of worry, anger, jealousy, doubt and confusion. But it does have a powerful enemy and that is HOPE!  Just as it only takes one little candle to light the darkness, so it is that one little spark of hope can begin to loosen the grip of fear.  

Here are some steps that I have found helpful when I begin to feel the cold fingers of fear closing around my throat. (Whoa…Stephen King just took over my brain!)


  1. Determine whether you are facing a real threat or an imagined one.  Sometimes our minds run in all directions at once and a perceived threat becomes a huge monster in our heads. We blow it up to outrageous proportions and panic sets in.  Don’t catastrophize…calm down and look at things realistically.
  2.  If you assess the situation and feel that you are facing something real, put it into perspective and realize that you have the capability to deal with it without pushing the panic button.  You have options.  Make a plan of action. 
  3.   Breathe.
  4. Don’t feed your fear because it will devour you. Instead, feed your hope…. Hold Onto Positive Expectations. A fear driven life is a life not fully lived.

Most of the shadows of life are caused by standing in our own sunshine.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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“But”-Kickin’ Affirmations

We all have a supply of excuses that we can pull out to explain why we hang onto things that are no longer serving us well. I call these big “buts” because they find their way into our conversations which sound something like this, “I would take more time out to have a balanced life, BUT….” or “I’d be less stressed, BUT…..” or even, “I’d try (fill in the blank) because I’ve always wanted to, BUT….”

So, I put before you, some “But”-Kickin’ affirmations, which might remind you of your priorities. Pick the ones that apply to you and post them in a place where you can see them on a daily basis. Then, use and apply them!

  • I will evaluate troublesome situations in my life and set boundaries.
  • I will change one thing which is making me feel stressed, unappreciated or crabby!
  • I will stop making excuses for not trying new things.
  • I will hang up my super-hero cape and resign as “Fixer of All Things in the Universe!”
  • Knowing that there are only so may hours in the day, I will decide what responsibilities can be delayed, delegated or dumped!
  • I DO deserve to enjoy life and will make no apologies for it!
  • I cannot change anyone else (unless they’re in diapers) but I CAN change my attitude.
  • When the elastic of my life is stretched to the max, I will take time to find balance in mind, body and spirit.
  • I will not measure my appearance, success or life against anyone else’s, nor will I live my life to please others. Instead, I will strive for self-improvement.
  • I would rather climb the mountain and slide down, than to sit at the base of the mountain looking up and wondering what it would feel like to be at the top.
  • I know that laughter won’t make everything better, but it will make me better for everything. Therefore, I will laugh at least two times per hour. If I can’t think of anything funny, I will fake it ’til I make it! I will continue to connect with the elf in mysELF!


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